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Here she is, the third of the Willow Wisp dolls made from the Becky Holloway pattern, this time in peacock colors. I love the body on this doll. The pattern for the body is challenging but worth the effect. After the work on the body, clothing and beading the doll is pure joy. I have made some minor alterations to the pattern this time, particularly with the wings. Her ‘hair’ is made from feathers, as directed in the pattern, however, I have been using feathers from a trim rather than larger feathers. I used organza as well as tulle for her skirt and tulle for the bodice.

Here you can see the beading on the bodice. I did it free hand with no particular pattern, just a selection of colors. Her face is drawn in color pencil with some pigma pen accents. The wing shape is designed and painted the wings based on pictures of butterfly wings but not intending to mimic any particular insect.
Here is detail of the back of her wings. I tried to make them a little duller. I used Pebeo Setacolor acrylic fabric paints in translucent and iridescent colors. The doll has taken me about three years to finish, but at last she is done. Please go to my January 15th, 2009 and March 25th, 2008 entries to see the previous versions.

Penney Hughes

Designer, artist, world traveler and mother.


  1. She is beautiful! thanks for sharign the finshed doll as well as yourself at Piecemakers. Glad you joined the group.


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