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Life and Death.  OK, so really this post is not so dramatic as that, those just happen to be the themes of today’s ATCs.  The top card is “My Favorite Perfume” which is based on Garden Path with Chickens from The Salon, Exhibit II series of perfumes, which is my favorite BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab) scent.  I love their perfumes.  Some of my favorite are Hetairae, Jezirat al Tennyn, and ITASÔ KANSEI NENKAN JORÔ NO FÛZOKU.  They have many traditional kinds of perfume and many which are not.  All of there perfumes have literary or artistic allusions.  I also love their t-shirts.   Back to the card, the base is commerially painted bronze paper that I painted metallic green leaves on to give depth.  I then created a composition with paper flowers, focusing on the jewel tones.  I drew and glued on a little sexy fairy to roll around in the garden.  Garden Path with Chickens is a green, floral perfume with a salty, sexy smell.  Mmmmmm.
The death images were created for a Day of the Dead swap.  The skull on the black background was the original card I sent to my swap partners.  Sadly, those cards were never received–true for about half of the items I mailed through the South African postal system.  The cards with the red border were the replacements.  The black original background and the new red border are both flocked (velvet) paper.  The new card has a black commercial paper layered over.  The skulls are hand drawn and cut out.  I then stamped them and added further embellishments with rhinestones and colored pencils.

Dawne Dicicco

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