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Goree Island scene ‘floating’ on glass with reclaimed wood frame
Souwere artist Abdoulaye Barry
 “Souwere” is glass painting.  There is an explaination of the process on the Senegal Soul blog.  I went to Goree island as a committee member of the Dakar Women’s Group annual art show and visited with Abdoulaye Barry, a Senegalese Souwere artist who has been working in the genere since his youth.  M. Barry took us to a hotel/restaurant hosting his works and then took us to his small studio where he showed us works in progress and discussed the process of reverse glass painting. His art is distinctive for his landscapes of Goree island and his use of beach wood and reclaimed wood for his unusual and beautiful distressed wood frames. 
M Barry’s work at the hotel  

Works in progress and our explaination of reverse glass painting at his studio

Dawne Dicicco

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