Our Blog / Penney is an artist and designer living in Accra, Ghana.

As you have read in my blog in the past, I am living in Senegal.  The fabric, culture and architecture of African is very inspirational for many of my designs (available as fabric, wallpaper, giftwrap and decals in my Spoonflower shop.)
The African Visage print was inspired by African motifs in wax prints as well as the theme for the Dakar Women’s Group art show this year: Visage.

African Faux Lace uses the same background motifs and peanut plant leaves as in African Visage along with netting to create a lace overlay effect over the background.  Included in the second row of African Faux Lace swatches is an example of my lozenge style design, Senegal 1.2 directly inspired by wax prints.

My newest prints coming out Moroccan Tiles and Radiant Spokes have a north African inspiration. This time mainly architectural details.  First picture is of detail of the design and second picture is the view of a quarter yard, like the designs shown above.  These prints will be available soon from my Spoonflower shop.

Dawne Dicicco

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