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I spent around ten years living in the Washington DC Metro area.  During that time one of my favorite places to go was Brookside Gardens.  Really, I love the entire extended Wheaton Regional Park.  I have taken many pictures there, including this one of the Japanese Tea House shown below.  When I read about the Spoonflower competition Kuler Spaces I knew that this would probably be the space I chose to explore.  I have been meaning to create some art with this garden as inspiration and this was an opportunity to do something really novel.  The background of the fabric is taken from the woven reeds/sticks that make of the ceiling of the teahouse.  I used the photo below as well as photos of flowers from the garden, turtles from the pond, swallows that I saw flitting around the teahouse and of course the Japanese Maple.
Adobe’s Kuler program picks a selection of colors based on a photograph. The Spoonflower contest requires the designer to use only the color palette from their photo in the fabric design. The Kuler program is a fun toy to play with and there is an iPad and a browser based version of the software.   Because there was no other theme this week’s contest is one of the most diverse group of entries I have seen.   Please consider voting.

Brookside Gardens

The color pallete selected by Kuler from my photograph

Dawne Dicicco

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