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My daughter picked out a yard of Robert Kaufman fabric ‘Girl Friends’ while we were in the United States last summer.  It seemed the obvious choice as you may know if you have been reading the blog for a while or if you have met my daughter. 

With this fabric in mind I picked up a couple of other coordinating fabrics from Spoonflower; peacock pattern dots pink smaller scale by katarina and Dragon Girl Towers by Zesti.  The peacock pattern I used in the bodice and the Dragon Girl pattern is shown on the pockets.  Stocked with these fabrics I was ready to try my next foray into boutique sewing for my daughter.
This dress is adapted the free infant pattern Pretty Party dress from the Pretty Prudent blog. I used the pattern pieces for the bodice and resized them for my daughter.  I also added fullness to the skirt.  Since we live in a hot climate, I left off the sleeves. 
In other news, the Floral Cheater Quilt Fabrics are for sale and the coordinating fabrics will be available soon.

Dawne Dicicco

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