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 This week instead of my usual schedule I worked with the Lansing Makers Network (LMN) as a volunteer (and member) to host a group of Lansing elementary school children.  The children were part of an enrichment program called BEYOND Insights.  Each year the BEYOND Insights program has a different theme and activities.  This year the children, grades 3-6, worked on projects such as creating their own museum displays on Egyptian history with activities such as making their own mummy, and making papyrus paper.
To celebrate the end of the year, the BEYOND Insights group decided to supplement their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curriculum with activities at LMN.  The members had a great time working with the children.  We divided the children into small groups to work on a variety of projects.  The children made and decorated wooden planters, visited the woodworking area, had demonstrations of the lasercutter and 3D printers, had a slowest marble anti-race (sort of Rube-Goldberg-ifying a marble race,) and created an electromagnetic motor.  The members of the Lansing Maker’s Network did a phenomenal job creating all of the kits for the different activities. 
I am really proud to be a part of such a great group.

An example of Rube Goldberg machine, OK Go’s video for This Too Shall Pass

Dawne Dicicco


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