Customer Projects / See what others have done with our designs & feel free to send in your pictures!












Slow fashion at it’s finest.  Linda knitted a sweater and then sewed a dress from my Crowning Glory of West Africa in Wine and Pinks to match.

Sigrid is back with this great shirt sewn using Roses Leaves Ditsy Violet

Paula sewed this purse, using the Quetzalcoatl design, for a sick friend to cheer her up


customer shirt

Customer designed shirt using Yellow Wagtail Birds on Dogwood Branches



Sharon in a lovely dress in Red Rose Argyle


Sharon in a beautiful fit and flare dress made with Red Rose Argyle.  Thanks for sharing.  The fabric and be found here.





Another terrific dress, this time by a customer who wishes to remain anonymous.  Here dress is made of Rose Leaves Emerald found hereSigrid-Dress


Sigrid made this charming 1950’s styled dress in African Lace in Midnight silk.  Her fabric and be found here.




Maria knitting away in dress made from Circus Tiles on Violet

Maria made a fitted dress from my Circus Tiles in Violet and Pink fabric.  Stunning Maria! You can find this fabric here.